What slows us down?

We have two major types of activities in the community. We do graffiti removal and cleanup projects. They each have their own challenges.

Graffiti removal is often hindered by weather. Vandalism can occur during a brief pause in a rainstorm. During the winter we need to wait until the surfaces in completely dry and, we think, will stay that way for several hours. Last winter we had many days when painting was impossible because of rain or even drizzle.

Our other problem, which can occur any time of year is lack of permission. We must have a waiver release form on file for any private property that we work on. Often we are unable to contact a resident of a home or the manager/owner or other responsible party for commercial property.¬† Residents would be surprised how often we have heard “don’t bother, it will just happen again” when we ask for permission to provide a service at no cost!

You can help by leaving your contact information when reporting graffiti. If you are calling in a local residence, YOU might be able to catch the owner at home after our day is over and hand them the form we send you. We sometimes leave forms and notes repeatedly while getting calls to remove a blight. Your help can save us time.

You can download the form in a PDF by clicking HERE.