Reporting Graffiti

Sylmar Graffiti Busters only removes Graffiti in the Community of Sylmar. For other areas in the City of Los Angeles you should use the City’s 311 web, app or phone numbers.

To report graffiti or cleanup requests within Sylmar you can call 818-362-8702 or use this page.

Please specify the surface type so we know if we need to water blast on block or concrete, use chemicals on bare metal or paint other surfaces. If we need to paint please tell us what color the surface is.

If you leave your name and phone number or e-mail address we can contact you for confirmation or concerns with the location. There are cases where we are unable to remove graffiti and it helps if we can let you know why and in some cases you can even help us. Sometimes we need authorization to remove graffiti from private property but we cannot locate the owner. If you can help us contact the owner or agent to get written authorization we can then remove it.

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